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Barnett avenger crossbow manual

By | 17.07.2020

The popular company has been crafting quality crossbows for years. We like Barnett crossbows for their design, materials, and reputation. They make crossbows of all ages, from youth bows to adult crossbows to reverse draw models.

barnett avenger crossbow manual

So by popular demand, we decided to pick our favorite top ten Barnett Bows and share them with you. Here are some things to look for when shopping the best crossbow. Velocity: Velocity refers to the speed that the arrow leaves the crossbow in optimum conditions and at top settings. Velocity is always measured in feet per second.

Draw Weight: Draw weight refers to the amount of force needed to cock the bow. Crossbows usually have draw weights between and pounds. Axle-to-Axle: The axle-to-axle length is the length of the bow from the axle a small pin in the center of each cam to the other axle. The longer it is, the easier the bow is to shoot.

Dimensions: The dimensions are measured in width by length by height. We will always measure these in inches. Weight: How much does it weigh?

barnett avenger crossbow manual

If you plan to carry this out hiking in the woods, weight can make a big difference. So make sure your crossbow is light enough for you. Warranty: The Barnett warranty covers the bows for 5 years.

Each bow is covered for manufacturing defects in the stock, trigger mechanism, and the limbs of the bows. Here are our top ten Barnett Bows! We listed them in order of our favorites, starting with the amazing Top Pick and Budget Pick. Jennifer Trimbee, a lead researcher and writer at GeekWrapped, is an expert writer with many years of experience. Jennifer writes about technology, sports, outdoor, and gear products.

Learn more about Jennifer. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, copyrights, and other rights are the property of their respective owners. Back to Top. Best Products. Shopping Tips. Gift Ideas Product Reviews. Our Recommendations In a hurry?The Vengeance crossbow by Barnett features a carbon riser and reverse limb technology, making it one of the fastest and most powerful models on the market.

Each Vengeance package will come with three twenty-two inch arrows, a quiver, scope, field tips and rope cocking device. It can be extremely difficult to line up all the parts correctly and will require a bit of pressure. Some users recommend using a rubber mallet. The instruction manual also lacks in detail, with instructional photos that leave much to be desired. If you have no luck assembling the Vengeance, take it down to your local sporting goods store and pay to have a staff member assemble it for you.

This will definitely save you a lot of time and frustration. Crossbow Informer. Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for power, accuracy and the compact frame. Featuring draw weight and reverse limb technology, this model shoots to destroy. Powerful enough to rip through even compressed foam targets at twenty yards, the Vengeance will definitely be able to take down large game easily and humanely.

This crossbow is impressively accurate, allowing the user to shoot one-inch groupings from thirty yards. At fifty yards the user can maintain one and a half inch groupings and three-inch groupings at seventy-five yards.

Check on Amazon The Vengeance is very accurate due to the reverse limb technology. Described as a hunting monster, this Barnett crossbow packs enough power for any size of game.

With ft pounds of KE, your shots have enough power to drive clean through a large moose. Cocking a reverse limb crossbow will definitely take some getting used to. Shorter consumers had complaints regarding the difficulty of cocking this bow. If this is an issue for you, simply cut the rope. Rope cocking devices usually come in only one size and are designed for users around six feet tall.

Because of this, most users will need to determine how much of the rope is needed, then cut it down to that size. We gave this crossbow four and a half out of five stars rating. Skip to main content Skip to secondary menu Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Crossbow Informer. Table of Contents. Barnett Vengeance Crossbow Conclusion and Rating. Click Here For Current Price. Check on Amazon. Looks great Durable and long-lasting Good for all types of hunters Has enough power to go through any type of game Very high FPS Has a sturdy feeling to it Great draw weight for its class The company has one of the best customer services.

Some people have reported structural issues. Our review models handled without any hiccups If you are a beginner there might be cheaper, less powerful alternatives. Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube. Search the site This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.Small in size, big on performance, the new Barnett recruit bow is perfect for women, the smaller framed or up and coming hunter.

Features that match other popular bows by Barnett will have the young hunter in your life ready to hit the woods. Barnett uses modern designs and materials to provide you with high quality hunting crossbows and crossbow products. With developing technology, they have refined their designs over and over, resulting in some of the best bows in the market.

Every Barnett crossbow defines enthusiasm, zeal and perfection. The finish and fit of Barnett bows reflect their successful engineers and remarkable craftsmen. Their quality control department works extra to guarantee that only genuine parts and quality materials are used.

When looking at a crossbow for young archers, one key point that must be highlighted is the bow weight. Barnett know this and they designed the new recruit with a weight of only 6. The bow relies on a pulley system which allows you to cock the string without hindrances. This is a very easy crossbow to set up. The adjustable butt stock allows users to set the draw length that is comfortable for them. The Barnett Recruit also features a finger reminder passing right through the grip.

If you are a professional who has used crossbows for a long time, you should know just where to keep the fingers when firing your bow. But for a newbie, the odds for an accident are quite high. Barnett is known for the production of crossbows that deliver superior performance and accuracy.

Some hunters worry about using lightweight crossbows but this crossbow packs a mighty punch. The Barnett Recruit offers draw weights of lbs, which is equivalent to 80 ft. The Barnett Recruit compound crossbow features an anti-vibration system for enhanced accuracy and noise-free performance. Check On Amazon. The Barnett Recruit crossbow fires arrow at FPS, which is not the fastest in this category but enough to take down just about any game.

Noise when shooting is typical of most crossbows, but the Barnett includes AVi antivibration foot stirrup and cross wire string system for smooth, consistent, and quiet shots. The crossbow is also easy to carry due to it lightweight and to maneuver in tight spaces such as dense foliage or tree stands.

Barnett Recruit crossbow

Check Price. The Barnett Recruit Hunting Crossbow comes with everything a novice needs to get started. Package includes Optic either Red-Dot or Scope depending on packageRope cocking assist, quiver, 3 x inch Arrows, and lubrication wax a must for the stock cables included on this model. The red-dot scope allows you to keep your eyes open when making the aim and this allows for faster acquisition of the target.


The premium red-dot scope can withstand months of use and abuse, but it might not be the very best for long-range shooting. Its optics are nicely coated to resist fogging and the illumination rheostat is adjustable and works smoothly and easily. The 3 included head hunter bolts are well balanced bolts for this crossbow and decent for both target practice and hunting.

Arrows with improper stiffness may damage the string, cables, and limbs thus voiding the warranty and possibly causing personal injury.

Barnett Crossbow Replacement Parts

The tip of an arrow or the broad head is the initial thing that will make contact with something after you pull the trigger. Broad heads are classified into fixed blades and mechanical broad heads.

Barnett provides a standard 3-year warranty on all of their crossbows. The customer service staff at Barnett are friendly and knowledgeable, and will quickly take care of any issues you have with your crossbow.

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Learn more about our privacy policy. An uncocked crossbow won't do you a lot of good in the woods, so make sure you're ready with a cocking device for hunting. Cocking devices reduce the draw weight by half to simplify cocking and loading your crossbow. Barnett offers several types of hunting cocking devices to get you on your way. Cocking Devices.


Load your crossbow safer and faster An uncocked crossbow won't do you a lot of good in the woods, so make sure you're ready with a cocking device for hunting.

Home Shop Accessories Cocking Devices. Compare Products. Page You're currently reading page 1 Page 2 Page Next. Show 10 20 30 All. Add to Cart. Out of stock. Shopping Options Price.Barnett crossbow replacement parts barnett crossbows parts accessories sf crossbowpartsdiagram free diagram barnett crossbow string and cables. Barnett crossbow replacement parts infobarrel barnett crossbows parts accessories for in reviews sf crossbowpartsdiagram free diagram barnett crossbow string and cables 60x custom strings.

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But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.The Barnett Recruit is an overall great bow. It comes with an adjustable butt stock, giving you the option to grow with your bow.

Perfect for target shooting as well, the Recruit Crossbow is versatile and well-balanced for precision shooting. Additionally, this quality crossbow is an excellent cost-efficient choice. Barnett is a trusted name in crossbows and the Recruit does their name justice. This bow is perfect for a beginner but still strong enough for the seasoned hunter. Whether target shooting or big game hunting, this crossbow is an excellent choice.

Having a lb draw weight, a rope cocking device is included for easier pull. Weighing in at only 6. The Recruit has a Overall length is Great bow for adjusting to personally preferred length.

Synthetic stock with thumbhole and pistol grip makes it easy to hold and position. Custom composite lamented limbs and CNC machined aluminum Picatinny rail are made to last, adding durability and strength. Picatinny rail allows attaching a grip.

This crossbow is also designed to allow for a crank cocking device, which makes it even simpler to cock and shoot. The performance of this Recruit Compound Bow is outstanding, packing plenty of power.

With its FPS, combined with strong kinetic energy, it can bring down even large prey. Crossbow is very well-balanced, making it easier to shoot accurately with precision. The Recruit is easily modified with an adjustable butt stock; it can literally grow with the beginning hunter. Whether you use the rope cocking device included, or add a crank cock which it is ready for, both make it easier to cock and shoot. This bow is very cost-efficient, making it easy to afford. For hunting or target shooting, you have everything you need; crossbow comes with scope and rope cock.

We like that the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow is an absolutely awesome value for the price. The rope cock makes it easier and we like that it accommodates a crank cock. Great bow for a great price! The bottom line is that the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is a great, all-around bow.

It has plenty of power and accuracy for both target shooting and big game hunting. The price is affordable for even the casual hunter.They are a real industry leader of quality crossbow manufacturing and engineering with over 50 Years of crossbow production. Every Barnett crossbow has been built to be better with industry leading innovations, combined with pioneering patents year after year, this has made Barnett the worlds number one manufacturer of crossbows.

Barnett has built crossbows to be better, faster, stronger and more powerful. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and built for the demanding performance of crossbow hunters everywhere. Barnett engineers are pioneers in developing the most desired features in a hunting crossbow making them very hunter friendly.

Hunters seek out the fastest and most accurate hunting gear they can find and Barnett Crossbows are fast and accurate, so their slogan of "built for the hunt" says a lot about them and their crossbows prove that with durability and reliability.

barnett avenger crossbow manual

We have now tested the five fastest crossbows that Barnett Crossbows offers, Buck Commander, Wildcat C5, QuadRevolution and Predator, we experienced no failures of any kind. As we tested these crossbows we followed a strict regiment of shoot ten arrows and use barnett's lube wax as to their recommendation, after hundreds of arrows launched from these crossbows, string erosion was minimal.

The other important factor with Barnett Crossbows is the level of accuracy these crossbows achieve. They are accurate right out of the box, with well tuned arrows they become very accurate. All crossbows vibrate severly, it is just their nature by design. This system absorbs the shock and vibration in the crossbow and reduces crossbow noise.

Barnett Crossbows has a crossbow offering, no matter what your budget is, to get you out and hunting at a price you can afford. The crossbows listed below are all excellent hunting crossbows.

Proper maintenance includes applying barnett lubewax to the area where the string touches the flight track every 5 to 10 shots. Lubewax should also be applied anywhere the cables make contact with the cable slide or teflon tape, whichever is applicable, every 20 to 30 shots.

To extend the life of your cables it is important to apply barnett lubewax to all non-served areas of the cables and string every 30 to 50 shots. The total weight of the arrow should be about grains. This unit mounts inside of the stock on either right or left hand side, truly an ambidextrous device with universal mounting for barnett crossbows. These cocking devices are permanently attached to the crossbow and require only lbs of tension to operate. They have one crank handle and feature an anti-reverse gear for safety.

Barnett's multi-reticle crossbow scope is a programmed five-point, multi-reticle crosshair system which enables quick aim at targets and distances frequently encountered when hunting.

Its patented shoot through foot stirrup allows for more power with a more compact fit. The crossbow comes with the new Anti-Dry-Fire trigger system, which is used to release its arrows at Feet Per Second. The Barnett Jackal Compound Crossbow Features: The Jackal's innovative stock design is unique, Its sleek military style stock is lightweight and compact with a divided foregrip for comfortable hand placement.

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